About Us

About our company

Our company has extensive experience in the fields of Automotive and construction equipment businesses, sectors in which it operates for over 50 years.

Our professionalism and experience are at your service to realize projects of the details used by  you 


The O.M.A.B. srl. manufactures its particular customer's drawing, the following types of products: PINS, BUSHINGS, SPACERS, THICKNESS, CONNECTORS, PLUGS, AUCTIONS, SHAFT, VALVE, HUBS, CRUISES, ADAPTERS, FLANGE, HEADS ENDS, BALL JOINTS, DRILLED PLATES , COVERS and other similar language.
We are able to work and carry out the families of special mentioned above, in the following materials: FERROUS STEEL, ALLOY STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL AND NON FERROUS MATERIALS.

We also specialize in the assembly of components made ​​by us, if it were a requirement of the customer.


Equipment park

# 5 Automatic lathes from bar,  1 with driven tools; 1 with counter-spindle, Y axis, driven tools, max Ø 80 x 300 mm Max turning length;
# 3 Chucking lathes, Ø 250 to 600 mm Max turning length;
# 2 machining centers with 4th axis in the cycle, of which:
1 table with useful dimensions 1000x600, self-centering and 4th axle Ø 200;
1 table with useful dimensions 700x600, and 4th axis chuck Ø 160;
1 table with useful dimensions 400x300, and 4th axis chuck Ø 200.
# 20 Traditional machinery including:
drill presses, milling machines of various types, tapping and lathe;
# 1 Grinder with table size 1000x300 mm;
# 1 Grinding traditional indoor / outdoor;
# 1 Ultrasonic Parts Washer;
# 1 Sander Manual;


# 1 Optical radial laser profilometer, with reports on each graph, measurable dimensions Ø 60 x 300 mm;

# 1 Three-dimensional control machine table with dimensions 400x400x400 mm useful;

# 1 Roughness linear.